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Cosby and Cosby’s lawyer

30 Jul

MARTY SINGER: “Lawsuits are filed against people in the public eye every day,” Singer continued. “There has never been a shortage of lawyers willing to represent people with claims against rich, powerful men, so it makes no sense that not one of these new women who just came forward for the first time now ever asserted a legal claim back at the time they alleged they had been sexually assaulted. This situation is an unprecedented example of the media’s breakneck rush to run stories without any corroboration or adherence to traditional journalistic standards … It is long past time for this media vilification of Mr. Cosby to stop.”

MARTY SINGER: tells TMZ “We’ve reached a point of absurdity. The stories are getting more ridiculous.  Cosby’s latest accuser is a lawyer who was disciplined by the California State Bar and ordered not to practice.”
COSBY: “I know people are tired of me not saying anything,” Cosby told the newspaper. “People should fact check. People shouldn’t have to go through that and shouldn’t answer to innuendos.”

Kikos Liquors

29 Jul

In an effort to avoid links from my blog getting errors I added this page.  A click here should get to Kikos Liquors Union City New Jersey, and the reviews on this business should include me and Hana as two of four as of July 2015.  If you get an error on the aforementioned link please search: Kikos Liquors Union City New Jersey.