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31 Jul

Anji (fam name deleted by Doody) was Gordon Brown’s and Tony Blair’s private secretary. Her husband is the main reporter for Sky News. Any way I can help accommodate her request to get into the convention in Philadelphia? >>  >> Lou

> The one question I need to get a handle on is what I get if I give the $33,400 by June 1 to the Victory Fund – either from the campaign or the DNC. and, how does that compare to being a Hillraiser.

JK- Ralph (fam name deleted by Doody) is asking for WH cinco de mayo tickets :< can you help him and his wife? Idk why he waited until now..

> Hey-I caught this sinus/sore throat thing that’s been going around and it got way worse last night. I’m going to lay low today, if that’s ok with you. I’m on my cell

I am coming to DC next week and was wondering if you would be willing to have a coffee with me to discuss some career stuff. I would love to be able to hear more about the DNC and what you do. Lucy has been very kind to me in trying to hook me up with people who may be able to help. Thanks so much in advance!

Hi team, unfortunately I’ve been on the phone with reporters so couldn’t make the call.

Jimmy Kimmel


> Yes, I need confirmation on New Day. Can we lock it in?

It was great to see you both this weekend. Thanks for hosting me for the dinner, I appreciated the opportunity but was especially glad to catch up with your teams in the pre-reception

I’ve seen Mrs. Wasserman Schultz say it’s great that Sanders plans to stay in until all the votes are counted. But he’s talking about contesting this thing on the floor, even if Clinton has more pledged delegates.

I write to you a lot, Luis, for so many different reasons. Sometimes I’m asking you to make a contribution to help get more Democrats elected across the country. Sometimes I’m asking you to take a stand against the folks who want to undo everything we’ve worked so hard for these past seven years. But today, I want to say something else

ken vogel

I hope you are well. Just a quick heads up, I am a free agent looking for a political or communications opportunity from here on to elections. Let me know if you guys need me or know of any candidate or organization that may be looking for someone like me.

she escalates to dennis all the time. and yes, we’ve seen that card. this week it’s “people hate working with all of you b/c you are so inflexible” (re: she wants whatever she wants without raising)…i mean if that’s the worst thing she can say…fine.