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Queer Eye una cazadora hermosa

5 Oct

Netflix queer eye una cazadora hermosa how can eye say that eye love god but eye can’t love the ones who are right there next to me all you guys the gifts that you have you’re using it for the good of the humanity queer eye has been an incredible experience we’ve shoed that we really can love each other despite our differences roadtrip Jesus take the wheel where are we going Kansas City Missouri with a yes queen here andd a yes queen there eye spy with my little eye no we’re not playing that game again no no let’s swith guys hey kids stop you guys wait where wait where’s anthony what where’s anthony we left him at the gas station we’re in kansa city guys we made it hey boys you ready let’s do this hi hi in order to understand someone you need to walk a mile in their shoes or high heels or wheels people are people people are people we’re all capable of change hi sometimes you just need someone to connect with that says eye see you and eye see what you’re goin’ through seldf-care is an inside job food is love make an effort you deserve it it’s your life design it well hey there guys we’re home yeah yeady for our next hero yeah it’s actually a heroine this week eye love a heroine my name is Jodi Castaluci and eye’m forty-nine years old and eye live in Amazonia Missouri eye love bing a country girl she was nominated by her husband Chris Jody has three grandchildren one son and two daughters and Chris is her second husband she and Chris want hunnting on their first date and have been in love ever since eye usually bring a gun on my first date too eye met my husband Chris actually online then we went hunting for coyotes that was our first date from day one eye was just so attracted to her eye mena she’s like my best friend she won eye did eye got him Jody grows her own produce awesome hunts and fishes for her own meat love that eye first started going hunting when eye was about ten years old eye just loved goin’ out and bein’ able to bring home a squirrel and think eye prought home dinner they include deep friend squirrel how do you say that animal again deep friend squirrel it’s called squirrel squirrel squirrel squirrel is a noise squirrel is a word girl it’s squirrel squirrel squirrel it’s squirrel it’s squirrel you guys are morons jody works in an all-male federal prison she has a tough job wait what she’s a lady guard eye know if she’s not wearing her prison uniform she’s in her husband’s clothing which is usually camoflage what else is new with a home from eighteen seventy five it’s a shrine to country living and their love of hunting taxidermy what do you think about this she loves dead animals okay jody hasn’t had her hair professionally cut or colored in over twenty-five years wait a minute what great eye lover her hair that’s probably one of my favorite things about her my husband and my hair eye guess it’s my sex appeal to him cause it’s up all the time so ya know when we’re goin’ to sleep or somethin’ and eye let my hair down he’s like ah your hair yeah she pulls her hair back in a bun to keep it out of her face and wears mascara only eye’ve never gotten to like do something on this level really would love to take jody on a fancy date but she’s uncomfortable outside of hunting and fishing so they don’t go out much that’s sad around these parts fancy things can make people uncomfortable eye think jody’s kinda fell into that eye don’t care state she’s always beautiful to me but eye don’t think she feels that great about herself jody and chris have been married for ten years but never honeymooned chris is taking jody out to celebrate their tenty anniversary and jody needs that fab five’s help to get ready for that fancy night out and then she’s gonna have a little she’s all that moment eye nominated jody for this becasue eye want her to feel good about herself again eye just don’t think that she does she just needs someone to bring out the best in her the mission this week you guys is to take jody from hunter to hunty okay yeah we’re on a little farm gorg oh look at the beautiful horses that’s the one animal eye can never eat is a horse okay that’s nice oh woah what was that was that a gun shot eye think it was of there she is hello it’s real muddy careful thank god she didn’t wear her heels today oh my god yes queen look at this how are you look at those outfits eye’m great you look gorgeous how are you eye’m great oh no he wants my hair down wow look at that you’ve got gorgeous hair it’s some long think hair beautiful show us something please we’d love to see inside that’s awesome show us in yes after you okay alright ir after you okay eye’m not hating this that’s a lot of camo you got there yeah there’s a lot more than that that is actually my compound bow that eye hunt deer with eye don’t even know what way is up and what way is down with that is that how you no you hold it no no no no no oh my God this is a horor movie jesus take the wheel this is like all of snow white’s little friends all up on the wall from the jurassic era the goose pterodactyl often reached spans of up to four feet wide where are these from these are beautiful these are from my garden and these are actually cucumbers git it get it get it get it eye’m just over here working it out you know before eye go hunting an alarm goes off an then what usually when eye get up in the morning the first think eye do is eye gotta take a shower yes and then eye’ll come over here and eye have to put lotion on my face or else it feels driend up yes yeah but a little bit of this on my face but that’s body lotion do you think that lotion has spf in it it’s just really smooth and creamy on my face no lady buy eye notice you have a little bit of a lack of skin care when it comes to skin for me personally eye’m more about prevention issues eye get a lot of redness being blonde yes yes yes so that’d bre more about like a sunscreen and some color corrector on thing that happense when it comes to our grooming or when it comes to our self care it’s like when my job there’s not much of that cause eye’m in a correctional facility and then at home eye’m we’re just more like outdoorsy but eye just want to spark a little bit of curiodity within you okay becasue if you have and eighth of the curiosity that you have with like animals and plants and your self care yep we would get to where we want to go do you think your wife’s confident she’s confident but eye don’t think she is with her looks she’s confirdent in her abilites to do things eye mean she’s obviously in a job where you have to be confirdent you know but eye think as far as feeling good about herself feeling beautiful eye don’t think sheeye think that’s kind of gone away eye can tell you love your wife eye do yea eye mean it litterally radiates off of you that you love your wife eye do man ya know what eye men she’s the best thing ever happened to me of my god two gray squirrels oh it’s got fur oh wow how often do you like to go to the salon or you don’t eye don’t ever go you don’t ever go no eye haven’t had my hair cut so how do you do your color actually eye put it on a cap and eye full it ghrough myself ah can we take it down and look at it in the mirror she has so much thick hair eye was like oh my god this is literally gonna take me like ten hours 00.39.14